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UiTM Terengganu Branch is proud to host an Invention, Innovation and Design Competition for uplifting UiTM Terengganu Branch to a higher level. The event is organized to enable each product or study has been designed to be evaluated with a better quality aspect in academia and industry, also creating a network of cooperation among universities, schools and industry players.

An Educational Project of Innovation Competition or also known as EPIC is a bi-annual event university in ensuring that innovation and create value addition in each study and creative work, especially that involving the school students.


  1. To share ideas, exhibit and present invention, innovation, and design, initiated by students.
  2. To foster and encourage an inventive culture, design and review the latest products or improve the quality of already existing inventions through research on an ongoing basis.
  3. To encourage the production and refinement of product invention that can be patented and commercialized as well as stimulate and express creative ideas for participants.
  4. To creat an industry network and promote products / products / IID to the community and local entrepreneurs.


  • Open to all schools


  • Primary Schools      : Fee - RM180
  • Secondary Schools  : Fee - RM200



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