Educational Project of Innovation Competition - EPIC 2017 Poster EPIC 2017 Important Dates Theme
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  1. Participants are required to provide models/ products/ prototypes/ samples / poster presentations/ illustrations in a form that is easily understood by the panel of judges and other visitors.
  2. Each entry must be provided in the form of poster exhibits to represent the product or invention.
  3. Preferred language - English or Bahasa Melayu.
  4. Research content must be suitable for the preparation of posters and can fit into a poster that measures 36 inches x 48 inches (A1) or AO only
  5. Additional information that needs to be included in the posters are; abstract, objectives, novelty, usefulness, commercialization potential and awards of their research. Please refer to the appendix for a description of the content reference entries for participants.
  6. Title of the research, name of the members, school and the institutional logo should be included as part of the poster content (the content of the poster).
  7. Participants are encouraged to provide additional materials such as brochures, pictures, certificates of appreciation or other materials in posters which supports the respective research and design.
  8. Booth sizes of 1.5m x 1.5m is provided by the organizers, including1 unit table, 1 chair and a source of electricity unit. LCD Projector, Laptop and extension cable shall be provided by the participants themselves.
  9. The organizer does not provide internet access throughout the competition. Participants are encouraged to bring their own broadband for accessing data or any information.

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